About us




The best thing I know is to be involved in processes where I can release resourses, help to make wishes come true and provide tools to handle difficulties. An important motivation of mine is to guide the path to a better life - at work or in private life, indepentently of starting point.


One way to do this is to run Psykologbyrå Heijbel & Persson together with my colleague Boel Persson. 




My motivation as a psychologist relies on guiding groups and individuals towards increased well-being. With a focus on fulfilling inherent potential, the aim is to develop a sense of meaning and engagement in life. I’m passionate about peoples motivation and values but also about human sustainability. It’s my ambition to perform my profession in a naturally relaxed, engaged and inspiring way.


Boel and Maria are both licensed psychologists with many years of experience from working in both private and public organisations. They started to co-operate during their psychology studies in Lund where they were educated in organisational psychology, PDT and CBT. Their common interest in work life psychology and a focus on health rather than sickness brought them together in a project involving prevention of sick leave caused by stress related disorders.  


Onwards they have been working seperately and together with individual therapy, internet therapy, couples consultations, mentoring, courses and other group interventions. They have been working as accredited CBT therapists, in primary care and as consultants for bigger companies. They are both educated mindfulness instructors, and continously trained in CBT, ACT and FACT. Worth mentioning is also that they have worked with assesment and rehabilitation of pain, brain damages and cognitive difficulties.