What kind of life would I like to live? Where am I headed in life right now? What can I do in order to move in the wanted direction? How can I deal with difficulties in best possible way? How can I live with things that cannot be changed? We offer you individual counselling based on CBT and ACT, we can help you whether you wish to make a self-developing journey or treat mental illness.


How is a healthy working place created? How can colleagues and managers communicate in a clear way with each other? How can stress and challenges at work be handled? We offer workshops as well as courses with focus stress management, communication and problem solving at work or in an organisation.



 How can conflicts in a team be handled and resolved? How can organisations deal with processes of change? What does a good leadership mean for me, my employees and the organization's purpose?  We offer consultations and mentoring with focus conflict resolution, organizational structure, leadership and motivation.


You can find us at World Trade Center in Malmö and Lund.

Hedvig Möllers Gata 12

223 55 Lund

Skeppsgatan 19 

211 11 Malmö